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The proper representation makes all the difference.

What difference can a OUI Lawyer make? In Massachusetts it’s a fact:

  • Statewide, more than half the people who fight their cases win.
  • Your chances increase dramatically if you hire a lawyer who concentrates in defending drunk driving cases.
  • Many cases are thrown out because the police made mistakes.
  • If you refused the breath or blood test it can't be used against you.
  • If you refused the Field Sobriety Tests it can't be used against you.
  • You are not presumed guilty if you failed the breath test!

If you think you can beat a DUI (a.k.a OUI) on your own? Think again. An OUI charge is a very specialized area of the Massachusetts oui law. You need to speak to a Massachusetts oui lawyer who concentrates in fighting this type of case.

 You’ll be surprised at how many Massachusetts oui attorneys really only practice oui law as a sideline. Mr. Stephen Jones fights 100 to 150 cases a year. And his success rate is 80%.

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